Tarts to Tempt.com

When you taste this tart you will realize that it is the nicest + the best short crust pastry tart ever, and it is so easy to make, here is what you need `+ what you have to do to become the Super Tart Maker……..

Ingredients: in other word’s, what you need: 6oz of plain flour, 3oz of fat (flora white or similar), Pinch of salt, small glass of water, Sugar + caster sugar. Ceramic or Glass plate (ovenproof).

Method: Lightly grease the plate with a wee bit of the fat. Next sieve the plain flour into the baking bowl (raise the sieve approx 10″ above the rim of the bowl to let the air get to the flour as it is falling into the baking bowl. Mix a small sprinkle of salt into the sieved flour.

Next blend in the remainder of the fat (flora white or similar) using your fingers, and while doing this lift your hands fairly high over the baking bowl + let air mingle with the mixture as it falls back into the baking bowl.

Then make a well in the center of the flour and pour some of the water into it. Then start mixing this combination with a spoon (preferably wooden) and keep adding the water until you have reached a good nice consistency.

Next put a sprinkling of flour onto the surface you are going to use to roll the pastry + also onto the rolling pin, divide the ball of pastry. making one side slightly bigger for laying over the top of the filling,(apples, rhubarb etc). Roll out the 2 sides, and when this is done put the sliced apple or rhubarb or whatever filling you wish onto the pastry which you have already put on the plate.

Sprinkle the filling with sugar (judge how much by seeing how sour the filling is + how much you think it needs). Place the bigger sheet of pastry over all of the filling, next take a fork + and press down the edge of the top sheet of pastry onto the bottom sheet of pastry, around the edge of the plate.

Next prick the top layer all over with the fork (to leave steam escape), finally paint the pastry with the milk (this gives the pastry a lovely golden sheen).

Convection oven, middle shelf, 190 degrees, 40 to 50 minutes. When it is a golden color remove it from the oven + place it on a wire tray, to leave the heat release from the base + finally sprinkle the short-crust pastry top of the tart with Caster Sugar. Enjoy with cream, custard or ice-cream………


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